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Home Movies

Home movies are types of films that are written, produced and directed by amateur filmmakers. Unlike mainstream films, home movies are not intended to be shown in cinemas or released in DVDs. The purpose of making home movies are more personal than financial in nature.

Why do people make home movies?

One of the main reasons for making home movies is to capture important moments. People, whether they admit it or not, are naturally sentimental. They have the tendency to preserve their fondest memories so they can relive them whenever they want to. Whether it is their friend's school play or their baby's first step, important moments in a person's life usually bring about a need to be captured on film. Most home movies are directed not for public release but for home viewing only.

Some aspiring filmmakers also start off by producing home movies. These filmmakers may write, produce and direct several home movies with characters that are portrayed by friends or family members.

What subjects are commonly used in making home movies?

The most common subjects used in making home movies are special occasions. From garden weddings and birthday parties to graduation ceremonies and class reunions, special occasions are important events in people's lives that they wish to immortalise via home movies. Another common subject used in making home movies is the town where the filmmaker resides. As a way of preserving their childhood, many filmmakers create home movies that feature what life is like in the town where they live. Home movies with such subjects are quite similar to documentaries. The filmmakers revisit the places and interview people with great significance or influences in their lives.

What materials or equipment are needed to make home movies?

The most important equipment needed in making home movies is a video recorder. Video recorders may be in the form of camcorders, video cameras, digital cameras with video features, mobile phones with built-in camera or webcams. Today, computers are also used in making home videos. Amateur filmmakers can now edit their own home movies by simply downloading movie editing software or tools from the Internet.

Where can people find home movies?

Many home movies are available for free viewing or downloading in the Internet. These videos, which are usually found in video sharing websites, are uploaded by people who wish to share the most memorable or most hilarious moments of their lives with a bigger set of audience.

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